Facing rejection

Whatever your goal is, you’re going to face rejection. Now how you react to it will determine the vibrations you send out to the world.

Let’s start with a sentence I love repeating whenever I’m facing rejection : « Rejection is divine redirection. » The power of this sentence can completely shift your vibrations. By accepting rejection as part of your path you surrender to your higher self that knows what’s best for you.

I love giving example so I am going to tell you how I learned this lesson. I recently started job hunting and one day I received an email from a company that was interested in my profile. I was excited because they were the first ones to call me even though I’ve applied to +100 jobs openings.

The phone interview went well I had a good feeling with the recruiter and she told me that she’d like to go further in the process and plan a onsite interview. I met the founder of the company and the interview went very well. He was saying things like « We’re on the same page. », « When could you start ? » he told me things about his friends and stuff like that. Everything was going so smoothly that my ego started acting up. I felt seen and valued. I was sure that job was mine.

They told they would get back to me very quickly so did some manifestation exercices to make sure I was putting myself in the right vibrations. One day passed, then two days, then one week passed and I still wasn’t getting any feedback. At this point I knew I wouldn’t get the job.

I was in a state of intense frustration to the point of having a knot in my stomach. I was overthinking. Replaying in my head everything that I could’ve done wrong. I felt guilty of having put so much hope into this. Those negative feelings were decreasing my vibrations and all those emotions were the sign that I was on the ego’s path rather than my soul’s path. My ego couldn’t handle the fact that I was not being chosen.

Rejection hurts the ego. Let me say this loud and clear : you are not your ego. Always remember that your ego is the manifestation of your wounded self not your true self. The ego wants to be right, to be accepted, to feel valued. It decreases your vibrations and keeps you from being your authentic self.

When you understand that rejection is divine redirection you give your power back to your soul. You surrender. The feeling of surrender is powerful, it takes all of your worries and puts you in a state of deep acceptance. Allowing whatever scenarios to be without reacting.

The way you react to rejection determines the vibrations you send out to the world. Make sure those vibrations are sent from the soul and not the ego. Every time you suffer from rejection, know that it’s your ego that is hurt, not you. You got this, you don’t even have to worry about how things will work out. Be sure that they will, all you can do is raise your vibrations by giving love to yourself and acceptance. Everything else will follow.

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