How To Deal With Toxic Emotions?

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One coping mechanism many of us have is denying our toxic emotions. What if I told you that embracing those toxic emotions could lead to the breakthrough of your life ?

I’ve followed the course of Debbie Ford on Overcoming Self-Sabotage. In her course she identified 11 eleven toxic emotions that « universally cause the most personal and collective suffering when they are hidden and denied long enough ».

The Eleven Toxic Emotions – according to Debbie Ford

1. Hurt victimization, helplessness, blame
2. Sadnessself-pity, regret
3. Shamehumiliation, embarrassment
4. Hopelessness loneliness, despair, desperation
5. Fear anxiety, panic, immobilization
6. Angerresentment, bitterness
7. Hatemeanness, vengefulness
8. Jealousyenvy, possessive
9. Pridebetter than, self-righteousness
10. Greedinsatiable emotional hunger
11. Guilt self-blame, false responsibility

Do you identify yourself with one of these 11 toxic emotions ?
If the answer is yes, how do you usually react when facing them ?

What triggers those toxic emotions?

To acknowledge our toxic emotions is necessary to build healthy relationships with others but also yourself. You must identify your triggers : what makes you sad, angry, jealous etc. Take those triggers as challenges. Challenge yourself every time they arise. Make that moment an opportunity to understand which part of you have been hurt and bring love and acceptance to it. Take a moment to pause and calm your mind. Understand that only the wounded ego reacts, not the real you. Bring peace to your soul. What doesn’t elevate you doesn’t need your energy.

Communication is key.

Be careful though, once you notice toxic emotions arrive it’s important to welcome them in a healthy way, not suppress them. If you can do so, take time to communicate your emotions in the healthiest way. If someone makes you angry, you don’t need to yell at them to make your point. You can calmly say « I can’t continue this conversation right now because I’m starting to get angry and I’d like this conversation to be productive so let’s talk about this later if you’re ok with it. » We’re only humans so we can’t completely control our emotions but we can control how we react.

Do you have a healthy surroundings?

You must communicate with your loved ones what triggers you. If you’re in a process of healing, know that it’s a long process and the only way to heal is to love every part of yourself. The good, the bad, the ugly. Treat yourself as you would have loved to be treated as a child and make sure you are surrounded with people who will help you in this process and not make it harder.

Thank you for reading me. Hope you enjoyed this article. Have you already identified your triggers ? Answer me in the comments. As usual I read and respond to all comments 🤓

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